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Effect of Retrograde Saturn is Auspicious Also

  • 16 Feb

    Effect of Retrograde Saturn is Auspicious Also


    In Vedic astrology, we observe geocentric observation of movement of planets that is we

    consider earth as reference point. When the movement of Saturn appearing from Earth seems

    to be in backward direction then the planet is said to be retrograde. This is not the actual

    movement of Saturn into backward direction; rather it is only relative to the position of the

    observer on earth. This retrogration is in Scorpio sign, which is ruled by Mars. Mars has also

    joined Saturn in Scorpio to make situation more challenging and unpredictable. The thumb rule

    indicates that when transit Saturn moves from your 3 rd , 6 th or 11 th house, it is bound to give you

    good results. The persons who have Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius as their birth Moon sign, will

    suffer from Sade-sati. Moreover, if Saturn is transiting from your 4 th , 7 th or 8 th house, it is termed

    as kantaka Shani i.e. your neck (kantha) is tightened meaning thereby you will feel restlessness.

    We all know Saturn is the in command of your Karma, your good and bad deeds of past. To

    teach a lesson, one finds movement of Saturn at predestined time to give fruits accordingly. If

    we have done well in the past, we are bound to get reward for our good deeds. Actually

    retrograde Saturn gives us an opportunity to reorient and reorganize ourselves based on

    thorough retrospection. The house in which Saturn is present shows the area which should be

    on priority to put hard labor into. It enables you to think differently and tackle the ongoing

    difficulties in a little unconventional manner.

    The motion of Saturn is going to be retrograde in Scorpio on March 25, 2016 (Friday) at 15:45

    and it will remain its entire retrogration period in Scorpio. It will be progressive in Scorpio on

    August 13, 2016 (Saturday) at 15:37. So, total retrograde period is about 141 Days. Its impact

    on every sign is as follows:

    Aries : You may feel illness. There will be obstruction in all your endeavors. Working people

    may be transferred.

    Taurus: Your spouse may suffer serious sickness. You may have to change your residence or

    working place only to increase your problem.

    Gemini: You will be able to win over your enemies. A comfortable situation will be there.

    What support and help you might be getting from your family members and relatives might be

    Cancer: You will have discouraging news about the progress of your children. Don’t try to

    impose your terms on your loved ones.

    Leo: Inauspicious results will increase your worry. Your payments and other works will be held


    Virgo: You will feel a boost in your health. Promotion in job and success in business is assured.

    Social prestige will increase.

    Libra: Sade-sati will enhance your sufferings. You may not be financially comfortable. Be

    practical and hard working.

    Scorpio: Your health may suffer badly. Fear from enemies, fruitless journey, loss in dealing,

    unexpected spending are possible.

    Sagittarius: This transit will witness increased expenditure, loss of position, loss of health and

    wellness, financial stress, getting cheated etc.

    Capricorn: Many source of income will open. Health will be restored. You may be promoted in

    job. You will feel increase in social status.

    Aquarius: Be alert, you may lose your job. Your problem will be increased. Despite all your

    efforts, you won’t be able to get much.

    Pisces: Undesirable expenses will mount your problems. Your father’s health may deteriorate.

    Progress will be temporarily blocked.

    It should be noted that Saturn is the judge of all judges, so only wrongdoers will suffer. That is

    why it is always a boon to consult an expert astrologer to avoid adversity from life.

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