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Setback in Career Can be Prevented

  • 16 Feb

    Setback in Career Can be Prevented


    Astrology reveals every stage of our performance and also our course of action in doing a job.

    Sometimes even in a strong horoscope, jolt in career is possible. The role of Mars, Ketu, Saturn,

    Rahu, lord of 6 th house and the lord of 8 th house are very important while judging a setback in

    career. In my astrology consultancy experience as best astrologer in Delhi, I have seen many

    people losing job instantly, ignored for promotion, forcibly removed to other seat or

    transferred elsewhere, even their performances were excellent and rewarded.

    I like to give you a real example of my client, Ramesh (name changed). He is very hard working

    and witty also. But he never shares his success with his colleagues and subordinated owing to

    inauspicious Mars. When he was blamed, he found himself alone to prove his innocence. None

    helped him to refute the charges and he was fired. If Rahu is involved with other malefic, the

    person fails to understand new developments and his wrong working style. If 6 th house or its

    lord is involved, person never understands his problem, as he will fail to accept his fault and if

    honest feedback is told to him, he will deny his mistake.

    The dasha or antar dasha (period and sub-period) of afflicted planet will cause frequent

    changes in job. If the dasha lord is placed in 6 th house or 6 th lord is also your dasha lord or antar

    dasha lord, fear of losing job will be on high and also some disciplinary actions might be taken

    against you. If 8 th house or 8 th lord is involved, unpredictable obstruction or delay in job related

    issue is possible. That is, planets having relations with sixth, eighth or twelfth houses may cause

    job problems during their planetary dasha. Sixth house points towards job problems due to

    mental and physical health and wellbeing. If Moon is placed in 6th house there may be

    emotional problems and regular job change. Mars, Mercury and Saturn combined in 6th house

    indicates setbacks due to laziness and inefficiency. While Mercury of 6th house may cause

    differences with colleagues, Saturn in 6th house gives problems with co-workers.

    The impact of dasha or sub period of 8 th lord causes termination, obstacles etc. If 1oth house is

    occupied by Aries, Capricorn, Leo and Scorpio sign, you may find an aggressive boss, liable for

    your career problems. If Saturn and Mars are conjunct in your tenth house, it is forming

    Angarak yoga, which will cause sudden transfer, job change and termination. Saturn and Moon,

    if conjunct in tenth house, mood swing will not allow stability in your job. Major period or sub-

    period of 12th house lord causes termination and unexpected loss of job and seldom custody.

    This is the beauty of Vedic astrology that you can be careful in advance if such period is about

    to come. The best astrologer in Delhi will guide you how to plan, observe and control the

    inauspicious influence of planetary adversity. You can pass your unfavorable period by

    remaining at low profile and delay or postpone major decisions.

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