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"Unhappy Marriage" Ruins the Joy of Life

  • 16 Feb

    "Unhappy Marriage" Ruins the Joy of Life


    Unhappy marriages usually demonstrate in many ways, e.g., sudden and permanent end of marriage

    due to the death of a partner, legal complications like judicial separation, divorce advice, psychiatric

    help etc, lack of children sometimes spoils otherwise happy married life, separation for longer period

    due to some reasons, continuous conflicts due to mental disharmony etc. Even celebrities style divorces

    also have its ugly effects. Best astrologer in Delhi can critically analyze the horoscope and predict any

    such indications. Vedic Astrology provides an indication of unhappy marriage from planetary positions in

    the horoscope.

    Of all the planets, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Sun are the main planets responsible for the devoid of marital

    bliss. Mars creates sexual imbalances between husband and wife, which give rise to abnormal sexual

    deviations. The placement of Mars in 1 st , 2 nd , 4 th , 7 th , 8 th and 12 th houses produces Mangalik dosha, which

    is considered most inauspicious to married life. The natural malefic Saturn possesses delaying tendency

    and troublesome married life. The influence if Saturn on the 7th house by placement or powerful aspect

    causes inordinate delay in marriage and makes married life full of misery and unhappiness. Like Saturn,

    married life is adversely influenced by Rahu, if Rahu is associated with the 7th house or its lord or Venus.

    Affliction of Venus by Mars or Rahu causes sexual perversions. Rahu and Saturn associated with the 7th

    lord in the 7th or 8th house develops sexual relationship with prostitutes and low grade women in a

    male horoscope. The position of Sun in 7 th house is also considered inauspicious for happy married life.

    Some more combinations are:

    1 If there are malefic planets in the 7th house from Venus, the marriage will be unhappy.

    2 Rahu in 7th house gives an outcast marriage.

    3 If the lord of 7th house is posited in the 6th, 8th or 12th house or is combust or the lords of 6th, 8th or

    12th house joins the 7th house, obstructions occur in marriage.

    4 A malefic in the 7th house on the stars of Rahu, Saturn or Mars is most undesirable for conjugal bliss.

    5 When Leo is in 7th house with Sun afflicted by Rahu or Saturn, the native cannot hope of marital


    6 In a female chart, the Sun or Mars in the 7th house without the support of powerful Jupiter or 9th

    house is not conducive for married life.

    7 Affliction of Mars, Venus, Moon and the 7th lord by Saturn or Rahu or their placement in in the 7th,

    8th or 12th house is not desirable for happy conjugal life.

    8 Venus should not be afflicted in a horoscope. Its conjunction with Sun, affliction by natural malefic or

    it being hemmed between malefic planets definitely hampers prospects for a happy marriage.

    9 Relationship between the lords of 1st and 7th houses in a birth chart, as this relationship is a crucial

    determinant of the relationship between the husband and wife, it deserves close and meticulous

    examination by best astrologer in Delhi.

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