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How Powerful and Famous You Become

  • 16 Feb

    How Powerful and Famous You Become


    Success, power, authority and prosperity are the common yardstick of successful people. These

    all virtues are the interplay of planetary combinations. Most outstanding factor is strong tenth

    lord and presence of benefic in 10 th house. Effective tenth lord will also give you rank and status.

    Parashara says, if 11 th lord is in the 10 th and the 10 th lord is strong and there is aspect of Jupiter

    one is bound to get success and fame. Other combinations for fame as per Parashara is 10 th lord

    in 9 th , lagna lord in 10 th and Moon in the 5 th house.

    Phaldeepika, a revered classic on Indian Astrology, says, if a benefic planet is placed in thr 10 th

    house or if the lord of the 10 th house is placed in Kendra, trikona, in its own sign or sign of

    exaltation, or when lord of lagna is posited in 10 th house one becomes very famous. The person is

    also engaged in meritorious deeds. He becomes fortunate like king and has long lease of life.

    Many benefic planets in tenth house, Jupiter and Mercury in tenth house, one performs

    meritorious acts.

    If tenth lord from lagna, Sun and Moon are interconnected, one gets high status. Some more

    combinations of high status are: exalted Sun in tenth house or in own house, presence of benefic

    planets in 2 nd , 10 th and 11 th house- financially very well off. Presence of Rajyogas in the

    horoscope and their operative period, especially combination of Kendra-trikona lords is regarded

    as vey auspicious yoga. Mahabhagya yoga, rashi parivartan yoga, neechbhang rajyog and

    vipareet rajyogas are some highly acclaimed yogas.

    One more thing, one should also study second, ninth and eleventh houses for wealth, luck and

    gains. Second house signifies accumulation of money, possession of valuables, money fortune,

    worldly attainments, jewellery, gold etc. Ninth house suggests fortune, wisdom, prosperity,

    higher education, foresight, intuition, foreign travel, spiritual activities etc. Eleventh house

    reflects flow of wealth, profit and prosperity, rising of fortune, financial affairs, ambition desires

    etc. It is clear that second house is capable of giving wealth, 9 th for fortune and 11 th house for

    gains. Jupiter in second or 11 th is promise for good money.

    This description is incomplete, if we don’t discuss Gaj Kesari Yoga based on a definite position

    of Moon and powerful Jupiter. Such person will be highly fortunate and during its period or sub-

    period wonderful results will be obtained. Moon’s mahadasha will prove highly prosperous. If a

    lady have such combination, she will be blessed with high fortune. Jupiter is responsible for

    many affairs of a lady like marriage, relationship with spouse, physical look, career and financial

    status of her husband. Jupiter is the indicator of wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, wealth,

    prosperity, fame, success, position, good luck and children in Vedic astrology and makes a

    person with high status. Moon represents   peace, prosperity, domestic happiness, mobility. This

    Yoga is named after two powerful animals Gaja and Kesari. Gaja means elephant and Kesari

    means lion. This yoga is considered powerful like both these powerful animals play a vital role

    in one’s life. High ranking in civil services, good government job, authority and happiness is

    bestowed by this Gaja-keshri yoga. Only a best astrologer in Delhi can guide you step-by- step

    move to achieve maximum out of planetary combinations.

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