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How to Select a Lucky partner for Marriage

  • 16 Feb

    How to Select a Lucky partner for Marriage


    Selecting the right life partner  is very important for a happy marriage, as it is a life-long commitment

    and requires a great deal of planning and considerations. Even an investor thoroughly examines

    the company before investing in. Numbers of wedding traditions are almost present in every

    community and people are updating these traditions suited to modern times. Today, mixing of

    boy’s family with girl’s family is common. Many relatives from boy side meet the girl and talk

    in details. During these social gathering, girl becomes the apostle of modesty and politeness. It is

    very difficult to judge a girl’s personality, it is a masked courtesy. At the most you can get some

    idea about her looks and voice during exchange of a few chatting.

    Here astrology comes to your rescue. ‘Bhava Kautuhalam’ is an ancient treaties, which discusses

    in great detail about the communication between Rishis Skand and Kumbhaj, which were later

    illustrated by Sage Ved Vyas.Book believes that lucky and unlucky features in a girl are the

    result of past karma. If she possesses lucky features, it is the result of noble deeds of previous

    life. Some highlights of the book are:

    Happiness of household increases greatly if marry a girl who have lucky features. Even lucky

    feature of wife can increase the longevity of her husband, who have otherwise short longevity. If

    the forehead of a bride has curved eyelids is soft and like half Moon, indicates good fortune and

    happiness. Also if there is a mark of trident of Shiva, she will be respected by all. If the bride has

    a mole in the centre of forehead above the nose bridge, it is regarded as very lucky. Such woman

    will have all happiness and prosperity. The woman whose eyes are honey colored will be

    wealthy with rich husband. Long, spherical or circular ears are auspicious. But thin ears with

    veins on them and broad ears are ill-fated. Auspicious nose should have small holes and above it

    she should have beautiful eyebrow. If there is a reddish mole in the forepart of girl’s nose, it is

    the symbol of abundant wealth. Cheeks should be muscular, soft, elevated and round then she

    will have all happiness of conjugal life. If the teeth of a girl are identical both in the upper and

    lower jaw, small, dazzling like milk, and are thirty two, then she is always lucky. Chin must be

    soft, thick and without soft hair. If a bride has round neck, four anguls in length and strong, she

    will be very dear to her husband. Lucky throat should be muscular, bone should not be visible

    and if it has three lines, such throat is regarded as very auspicious. If a bride’s shoulders are

    delicate and short, she is blessed with sons. From the base of the arms her palm should be

    delicate like a clean lotus and raised, she is capable of increasing the sex desire of her husband. If

    a girl has deep visible lines on her left palm, it is a very fortunate sign. If these lines are circular,

    she enjoys sex with her husband and enhances his good luck. If there is the mark of swastika on

    the palm she begets sons.

    These marks and features can be easily spotted even in casual meeting. However, there are many

    more features of thumb, nails, belly, back and buttocks, thighs, soles and nails etc., which have

    potential of indicating a positive girl.

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