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Vastu friendly property

  • 16 Feb

    Vastu friendly property

    Would You be able to Possess a House

    Everyone is interested in owning a house of his own by their savings. There are plenty of people who try

    to buy or construct his house in his life time but somehow they don’t succeed. At the same time there

    are some who do not toil much and they own a decent house through inheriting house of their parents.

    There are some people who are able to buy more than one houses from their hard earned money. Why

    can’t everyone buy a house? Vedic astrology is helpful in investigating whether one is capable of buying

    a house or not? It also indicates probable dasha period of owning a house.

    If lords of second, fourth and twelfth houses in kendraa and trikonas, one is capable of getting property

    and house rather smoothly. Fourth lord in lagna or 7 th house, provides house without much complexity.

    Exchange between lords of 4 th house and tenth house gives land property. If planets are strong, one may

    possess fort. Exchange between the lords of 4 th and 6 th house facilitates in acquiring the house of enemy

    by legal right.

    Maharshi Parashara in BPHS has emphasized the strength of 4 th house and its lord and its placement in

    Kendra or trikona. Sarvarth Chintamani, also a classic on astrology, elaborates the role of 9 th house and

    positioning of benefic planets in 3 rd house. If it has any combination with 10 th lord, multistoried building

    is possible. It also adds Kendra position of lord of navamsha occupied by fourth lord.

    Mars is the karka of property and houses, so its position is also very important. Sanket Nidhi , a treatise

    on astrology declares if 4 th house is occupied by Mercury, house will be tastefully designed. If Jupiter is

    present in 4 th house, one will have strong and durable house and if Moon is there, one may go for a new

    house. Saturn and Rahu provide purchasing of an old house, but Sun and Ketu gives weak and fragile

    house. Venus facilitates a beautiful house, if it is present in 4 th house and Mars gives the house prone to


    From above discussion we can easily draw some basic factors of owning a house; first, Mars, a natural

    karaka of house, second, 4 th bhava and its lord, and third, planets aspecting the 4th bhava and/or 4th


    Best astrologer in Delhi will guide you when to buy a house or start construction of house,

    when to opt for a loan etc. The simple answer will be when Mars is transiting from your 4 th

    house or your 10 th house from ascendant (also from Moon), you should start constructing

    your house or outright buy a house. Also, if, Sun transit over 4tn or 10 th house, short term

    period of buying a house forms. Transit of Jupiter from 4 th house gives a chance to buy a

    decent house. We all know that presence of Jupiter try to give happiness and wishes

    fulfilled. Jupiter’s transit from 4 th house will also give you best deal of your hard earned

    money. When transit of Moon is running from 4 th house, it can make possible anything

    related to house.

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