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Vastu Friendly Fumigation of Your House

  • 6 Feb

    Vastu Friendly Fumigation of Your House

    In our daily life we use different kind of incenses, minerals, dry herbs and plants for cleansing

    the energy of house and also enriching the air quality. The organization of house we live in is

    entirely based on us, our life style and our acceptance of nature as source of inspiration.

    Different level of spiritual energy is created in every different house, based on where we live,

    how we maintain it, how the house is built etc.

    We can get better spiritual vibrations of our homes through different methods one of which is

    energy cleansing through fumigation. This can have many positive effects like financial security

    greater than before, enhanced relationships among family members, more happiness and

    fewer obstructions due to fumigation practice done by those in the home.

    In most of the Indian household, the process of fire yagya is practiced regularly. In physical

    terms, Yagya (homa, havan or agnihotra) is a process of herbal sacrifices in holy fire to create

    thermal, sound and fragrance energy to create therapeutic effects on family members by

    changing the energy balance.

    The fumigation of specific substances in the Yagya — fire is a scientific method of conversion of

    physical matter into energy and expanding its potential and positive effects in the surrounding

    atmosphere. In Yagya dry wood is base of the fire called samvidha, most often we use the wood

    of Sandal-wood, Mango, Dhak or Palash, Shami, Gular etc. Some odoriferous Substances are

    used like saffron, musk, agar, tagar, chandan, illaychi, jayphal, javitri and camphor etc. Some

    more substances are also used like clarified butter (ghee), milk, fruits and cereals like wheat,

    rice, barley, til, raisins (dried grapes), honey or chhuhara and also some herbs such as Giloya,

    Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Nagkesar, Chandan, Baheda, Sonth, Neem and Harad etc.

    If you find some symptoms in your house, you should be alert that your house is fully filled with

    negative energy that is bound to hamper the normal development and peak performance of

    members of the house. These symptoms are: electronic equipments most often not working

    without any reason, mobile phones not working, withering of sāttvik plants like the Holy basil

    (tulsī), cats or dogs whining or barking unnecessarily, unexplained death of pets like cats,

    unexplained discord and animosity in the house, recurrent mysterious illnesses or other

    problems like financial problems in the house etc. Regular fumigation through Yagya will

    improve the ambience and positive energy will start flowing in. Generally, premises are

    nowadays rajas and tamas predominant, the form of energy in them is similar to that of

    demons and not Deities. Yagya removes negative energy and instills sattvik energy. The herbal

    fumigation on cow-dung cakes or wood also helps in getting rid of mosquitoes, bacteria, micro-

    organism along with removal of negative feelings.

    The Mayamatam is a classical book on Vastu, which describes in details about villages and

    towns, temples, houses, mansions and palaces. In chapter 28, shloka 17-20, Mayamatam

    emphasizes the importance of regular fumigation of house to gain wealth, to keep devil spirit

    away, to remove snakes, flies, mice, and ants. Vastu consultancy in India is now widely popular

    and these aspects are also taken seriously.

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