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Financial Astrology, the secret of wealth building

  • 6 Feb

    Financial Astrology, the secret of wealth building

    Know how to be a rich person
    Who doesn’t want money? After all, the struggle you have been doing, right from when you were a student, and later in your career, is ultimately for making money and leading a comfortable and a luxurious life. Sometimes, despite struggle, you will not only be in a position to either earn the money you aspire to, but also lose your hard earned money, not being able to save. In fact, you would not even come to know the reason for it and where you have been going wrong.

    Financial Astrology and Financial Prosperity
    Every Graha (Planet), including the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu have their own Dasha or periods that affects every person, sometime or the other in life. And, it is different for people with different Janma nakshatra. It is only under the boon of positive planets that one can expect good things to continue for a long time, but the opposite might happen if a negative planet starts its transit on you.

    Good times can be easily passed through, but, a bad time? It is miserable, and obviously one doesn’t even dare to dream of. However, one can know when a bad phase is about to start. Now, a question arises in your mind, how will anybody know about what bad can occur in one’s life? We are ordinary human beings and not God. Yes, it is true that normal human beings cannot know what will happen in the future. However, through a divine approach, one can predict what bad can occur. And, this is through Astrology. Astrologers can study your birth chart, grahas and dashas, and predict about what bad can happen to you in the future, and if a bad phase is waiting for affecting you in terms of finance and wealth.

    Financial Astrology deals with income, expenditure as well as savings of the Zodiac nativities. Indian astrology shows two features of money; one is regular inflow and the other is savings respectively. Saturn is the planet responsible for bringing regular income in general; however any planet can perform the job depending on the rising sign of a person.

    The second house in a birth chart indicates wealth. The strength of this house, its lord and its indicator must be gauged to know the extent to which the native will be favoured. With regard to the acquisition of and wealth. The main fortune determining factor in a male horoscope is the Moon, while in a female horoscope, it’s the Sun.

    Are you currently facing the bad phase in your life? No matter how hard you work, you are not getting paid for your efforts? It is not because you are not doing well. You can get the answer to this from the best astrologer in Delhi. He can provide you the best solution for your struggle.

    An Indian Financial Astrologer can study your horoscope or birth chart to see if any Graha or Dasha can possibly attack you in terms of money and wealth in the future. He can then provide you with the best advice for helping you not see such a phase in your life.

    To achieve financial prosperity, peace and happiness, you can seek the advice of a holistic wellness consultant in Delhi. For this, you can approach the best Astrology Consultancy in India, and that is, the one and the only ‘’The Devine Solution’’. We believe in taking a divinely approach, to solve financial problems of people. Money and wealth should be earned between the age of 20 and 60, so that you may leave the rest of 20 or 30 years of your life peacefully.

    Spiritual  consultant and Financial Astrologer in India at the Devine Solution, can give you a solution for every financial problem that is beyond your control. Although we are based in Delhi, with internet technology having made quite a progress, location doesn’t matter now. You may avail Indian Astrology Services in Delhi, right at your place, whether it is Mumbai, London, USA ,New York, UAE ,Dubai , or Cape Town.

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